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Think smart.
Like a Hiver

Unique business ideas and passionate people behind them. An idea is nothing without execution!

Once a Hiver, always a Hiver.

We are witnessing the birth of a new immersive revolution in the business world and we are determined to lead it. With you.


Average cost reduction achieved by our clients.

We want our clients to perceive us as a partner, not a provider. Our success is your success, we will put all our knowledge and experience into your project in order to find new digital solutions fitting your needs.

Dedicated Resources

Build your own team with us completely dedicated to your project. We have the expertise to create efficient processes and keep a clear and direct communication with our clients.

Extended team

Either you want to outsource specific modules or entire processes, we can help you with a long term development plan and an on-going support & bug fixes.

Less Cost, Better Results

We give solutions that take as benefit cost reduction, increased efficiency and experienced professionals available to make your business grow. We are not provider, we are you.

Customized Solutions

Every business has its needs. With our Research & Development team we are always looking for sophisticated solutions and products for our partners.

Our Doctrine is simple:

Work as a team.
Succeed as one.

Customer satisfaction rate.
We value relationships.

We care deeply about client relationships.
Most of our clients have been with us since we launched, and are regular visitors to our lab floor. We believe in long-term relationships, we enjoy going steady.

Our approach to work.

At THE HIVE we look at issues from the point of view of our clients’ stakeholders. At the same time we take care not to abandon our creative principles. We build harmonious working relationships, based on being open and straightforward.

Our vision & mission.

We want to be a business with soul, a reference in the world of digital solutions in companies from branding to software. We want to lead the revolution that the new technologies are bringing by providing companies with the most advanced, high tech tools to grow their businesses.

Average age

Teamwork has been always our center of approach. From our Tunisia studio facility we focus our energy on improving our strategic thinking & creative ingenuity as we always collaborate enthusiastically.

Talented professionals

We never stop looking for talents to join our family. Our goal is to always grow our multidisciplinary team and make them able to analyze and provide solutions seeing the whole picture and not only a part of it.


We help to achieve mutual goals.

If creativity, technology and innovation were roads, you would find The Hive in the middle of their intersection. We want to grow our clients through the power of ideas and smart work.
Maryana Rahali

Co-Founder, Hiver

We love changes and we want to lead our clients through alternative and creative solutions. We believe in digital and even more in ideas as a tool to achieve mutual success and growth for our customers, shareholders and employees.
Niccolò Spadoni

Co-founder, Hiver

What we like is to don’t betray expectations. What we love is to over-exceed them. Our goal is to deliver to our partners an amazing customer experience that goes much beyond the standard client-provider relationship.
Walter Spadoni

Co-Founder, Hiver

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Ready to look into the future?

We’re a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and help companies to create amazing identities by crafting digital solutions.

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