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Let’s start from the basics

… what Is Outsourcing?

In the economical ecosystem, there are only a very few companies that can be considered to function completely independently, the majority of companies need to work with external specialized services companies.


Working with BPO companies has been the new normal for years and this has surely become more evident now in a world where remote work is a standard and widely adopted model. Indeed, the pandemic pushed businesses -willingly or not- towards remote work as offices closed down. 


Even as things get better compared to the first Covid wave, many companies have still decided to embrace the work@home model for good, not only because of the flexibility and cost-savings benefits it delivers but also because perceived as a huge benefit for all the employees that are now able to convert the travel-to-work time into family/hobbies-time, substantially helping to have a general increase of the overall work conditions that doesn’t impact at all the efficiency of the operations.   

We can safely say that remote work is no longer a concern now in a world where everyone has access to the right collaboration tools and processes to work, not only with collaborators in the same geographical area but also with teams located anywhere around the world.  

In this context is clear that outsourcing does not require anymore a major transition as anyone can easily be on the same page with a co-worker sitting in the office, at their own home, or in an external solution located anywhere. 

… and which are the benefits when using a BPO?

As it is well known, the benefits of embracing the outsourcing philosophy are many and relevant for every area of business of any dimension. BPO – indeed – helps companies to: 
– stay up-to-date with edge-cutting competitors and be able to focus on their core business.  
– lower costs and risks of business-related factors. 
– increase efficiency and provide legal and operative flexibility. 
– meet scalability requirements in reduced time spans. 

Together with many other positive factors not mentioned in the list above and that a good BPO partner will be able to analyze as they are often related to the nature of the business itself. 

As a fact, by establishing the outsourcing goals, the outsourcer will be able to use the staff in the best and most effective manner. Apart from the mere cost reduction, in most of the cases, the outsourcer will also increase the productivity and its ability to scale the supplementary staff based on what the business requires.

Someone could question that embracing an outsourcing philosophy could be in conflict, sometimes, with the idea to provide the needed quality, but the truth is that as long as the provider shares your vision and has a proven record of quality, outsourcing can really be the line between the growth or the stillness of your business. 

Looking for quality IT outsourcing solutions? Staff augmentation can be your answer

One of the most common measures taken by IT companies worldwide to match the benefits of outsourcing and maintaining the whished quality is staff augmentation. 

Staff augmentation is a type of outsourcing service, where a company provides their engineers in the form of external hire. 

In practice, the in-house team of the outsourcer is extended by (or solely comprised of) third-party specialists working on the premises of the outsourcer for the lifetime of the project.

As per my experience, the process usually starts with consultations between the outsourcer and the external company to analyze the root processes and skills needed for the project or development roadmap to succeed. The comparison between the output of this action and the existing current staff, will reveal the uncovered areas by the existing knowledge pillars. These uncovered areas will be then covered through a staff augmentation model involving one or more providers. 

It could be difficult – indeed – to find the right talent, especially in a robust field such as IT. Through staff augmentation thoughyou can identify specific needs and find people who excel at those tasks. 

Once put in production, the right team will then optimize your workflow and present solutions that you may have not thought of previously. At the same time, since you will be able to maintain control over your entire project, you can make sure that external staff works and adheres to the systems you’ve put in place exactly as they were in-house resources.  

Nevertheless, by adding team members who already have the required skills to your project, you save the time needed for existing team members to acquire the knowledge to complete your project. While you may need to spend time onboarding these new team members, you’ll save a lot of time during the actual development process because you’ll have added the skills needed to complete the project at hand. 

In conclusion, staff augmentation is one of the best ways to make your business survive and thrive in the new normal. You only need to find the right partner you can rely on for quality resources at the best prices without forgetting the ability to make sure to be able to fulfill your needs whenever you require people with specific skills and experience in your team.  

Let Staff Augmentation Help You Succeed!

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Maryana Rahali
Co-Founder & Hiver at The Hive, a creative technology company. A young Filmmaker & Business strategist, with more than six years of experience with multinationals in leading important creative projects in every their aspects.
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