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In today’s overcrowded business landscape it is increasingly difficult for small and non-small companies to keep up with every aspect of their business constantly and effectively. Nowadays, managing a business does not only mean managing the activities of the operational sphere, but also “residual” aspects such as marketing, social presence, HR, customer experience, and other small but important aspects that finish right into the task list of a modern and very busy CEO.

The Internet has now opened the doors to a globalized labor market and, as consequence, even when we speak of outsourcing – of all levels and types – we speak of a market that has improved exponentially in the provision of services and integration with core business functions.

Although it may seem like a cost, outsourcing is actually an optimization of it with net reductions that can reach considerable levels and – at the same time – the acquisition of vertical skills that would require time and huge investments in internal growth to be achieved.

For those more accustomed to the economy and its basic terms, we are talking about opportunity cost: if I spend one hour for residual tasks instead of core activities that generate economic returns for my business and growth, I’m not saving money, but -instead- I’m actually losing money.

In my experience, if it is true that any non-core activity could be outsourced with excellent results, the fields of greatest application are:

Marketing & Digital Branding:

The time needed to create quality content for your digital branding is always little. It is now clear to everyone that – especially these days – digital plays a key role in the success of any business, but we must always be careful not to confuse a mere presence with a good presence. Being present in an original way with valuable content is what really makes the difference. A good presence in fact generates interest and the possibility of leveraging through sponsored campaigns to generate qualified leads and consequently economic return. Relying on digital specialists is therefore an excellent strategy to save training costs, time spent behind your pages, and optimize your results in the field.

Customer Experience:

In a globalized world where every market is overcrowded with competitors, what makes the difference? Provide excellent telephone and written customer care service. The customer experience is everything.  Whether you are talking about after-sales, pre-sales, or support services, showing customers and potential customers that for your company they are not just a number, but the heart of your business is always a winning choice. In my experience, the costs are simply repaid by a level of customer retention and satisfaction that increases exponentially, generating business growth by word of mouth.

Administrative & Data Entry task:

Administrative and data entry tasks are probably the worst in terms of time spent / value produced. If on one hand, it is true that without these tasks the entire company machine would stop, on the other hand, occupying your time in these instead of spending it on core activities that can affect the growth of the company, should be certainly avoided. Managing CRM, uploading files to your e-commerce site, carrying out data entry in company files, are all activities that can be easily outsourced by quality providers, optimizing costs, and processes.

Human Resources:

We all know how the Human Resources department plays a key role in the acquisition of talents that can bring added value to the company, but especially for small businesses, the impact of an HR Head on fixed costs can be unsustainable. Thankfully, the problem can be easily fixed with a specialized agency. These agencies not only will help you to save your time from doing many interviews but also will put at your disposal their vertical knowledge into screening applicants, checking references, and advertising the job in the right channels.

The conclusion appears to be pretty clear: even though outsourcing has been in practice for years, many companies haven’t given a serious thought about it, until now. Indeed, companies should now realize that outsourcing not only gives them cost savings, but also the much-needed flexibility with their workforce and expertise in a key field that is not their core field. If you are looking for a scalable multilingual solution, we are a good fit for you.

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Walter Spadoni
Co-Founder & Hiver at The Hive, a creative technology company. More than 20 years experience into BPO consultancy and development strategies for International BPO sector, digital omni-channel solutions as well as Executive Search.
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