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When we first started The Hive we decided that one of the first things to focus on was to have a stunning website; not only to show off our capabilities, but also to put the basement for the future of our company in every possible direction. Indeed, we were -and still are!- firmly convinced that every business should have a strong digital identity, not only big companies or the one selling something online, but also the small shops selling spices or clothes at the corner under your grandfathers’ house.

There is still a lot of people underestimating the value of the web and not understanding that one euro invested in digital can produce much more returns than one euro spent on anything else.

Why? The reason is very simple: nowadays internet is how the people research what to buy and whom to buy from.

Whatever your business is, would you go to meet your clients in pajama? I guess the answer is no, so why you think that having a bad website (or having none at all) is a good choice? In the past decades we went through a technological revolution and every business needs to adapt and innovate or they will slowly disappear like the ones who refused to switch from carbon to electricity and petrol during the industrial revolution.

Fools! -you must have thought at school- how they couldn’t understand the change? It was very obvious that the carbon had no future.”

Every change is very obvious if seen retrospectively, the real challenge is to embrace it when you are in the middle without being scared or even worse lazy.

It’s crucial to understand that your website is your business card and if you are able to impress your prospect clients, you will be able to have more qualified leads and consequently more sales. Unfortunately, there is no magic trick and no short cut. Only hard work, planning and execution.

Let’s see now point by point some of the main reasons to have a good website for your business:

  • Your customers are online

New, old, bad and good customers are all online even if you aren’t. You could lose potential clients because your competitors are online with a good website, ranked up in search engines and at least visible on maps when looking for information about the products/services they sell/provide. Be where your customers are and present yourself with your best dress!


  • It’s cost effective marketing 24/7

Open your Excel file named “Budget Forecast/Actual” and try to put under the marketing budget label an investment with a fixed cost distributed on a chosen period, let’s say at least 24 months. You will figure out that having a good website is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies since your website will be accessible 24/7 during all the year for all your prospect and acquired clients, generating a very convenient cost per lead ratio.


  • It increases your brand awareness

Having a strong presence on the web, will increase your brand awareness and credibility, especially if connected to Digital Branding strategies on your social media. More brand awareness means more leverage to generate qualified leads. More qualified leads take to more sales. We are not saying it’s easy or that in a couple of months you will have huge results. We are saying that is the right road to follow, step by step, patiently.


  • Because it’s cool

The truth is that small business needs a good website even more than the big ones. To survive and grow the only option is to customize your offer and your image in order to look cool and different. Is not always what you sell that makes the difference, but also how you sell it. Make your customers understand that your business is cool, make them feel like they are buying more than a simple object/service. Remove possible mental barriers blocking your customers from purchase by showing professionalism, attention to details and coolness!


It should now be clear why having a good website is the key nowadays for any kind of business, not only e-commerce. If you want to drive the best results for you and your business, you must invest in looking good on internet and in building a website that gives a complete and crystal-clear view about your business and your products/services.

If you are still not convinced or you want to have more info, we are here for you. With more than 3 years of experience in the field we have the capabilities to understand your needs and provide a tailor-made solution.


Give us a try! Send a mail to hello@thehive.tn or contact us on one of our social pages by private messages. We will be happy to help you!

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Niccolò Spadoni
Co-Founder & Hiver at The Hive, a creative technology company. Details oriented project manager with more than two years experience on presales activities and management into multilingual projects related to the BPO and technological sector.
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